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Gel Nail - Spa Services

Gel Nail

Options available:

  • Gel Natural Nail - 33 (60)
  • Gel and Nail Tip - 38
  • Gel Coat Over Acrylic - 7 (5)

Gel nails are sometimes preferred over acrylic nails as the products have very little order compared to acrylic nails. Gel nails are not as hard as acrylic but have many of the same wonderful, long lasting properties and polish does not easily chip off.  Gel nails do require a “fill” approximately every two weeks. A full set of gel nails consists of gluing plastic tips to the natural nails to extend the length. The cuticle is pushed back and the natural nail is lightly filed to prep nail for product application. A thin layer of bonder is brushed on and your hand will be put under UV lights for 1 minute. A thin layer of liquid gel is applied and allowed to cure for 30 seconds under the UV light. Another layer of gel is added, as needed, and is cured for 3 minutes under the UV light. The sticky residue from the gel is then wiped off to leave the nail smooth and free of imperfections. Polish, in a color of your choice, or French polish is then applied. Service time approximately 1 hr 1

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